The facts are simple and sobering. More than 1.3 billion people around the world have no access to electricity. Demands for energy are increasing, while traditional fuel sources are decreasing. Add concerns over climate change and energy security and it becomes clear that renewable energy is critical to serve future energy needs throughout the world because it provides a sustainable source of clean power—where the fuel is completely free.

There are, however, three major obstacles to the adoption of renewable energy: the availability, accessibility, and usability of renewable energy resource information. Lack of information about resource availability — especially information that is easy to access and understand — prevents renewable energy projects from being developed or even considered as part of energy planning needs. Countries, especially developing countries where energy needs are increasing most rapidly, are not investing in renewable energy projects because information about the value of the potential renewable energy resource is unknown or poorly defined.


3TIER's REmapping the World initiative will provide the critical information that has been missing to make renewable energy a viable choice: information regarding the availability and value of renewable resources. For the first time, communities in developing countries that lack access to power will have the information to decide how renewable energy can power their communities.

Building upon 3TIER's expertise in providing the best renewable energy resource information, REmapping the World will allow instant, easy-to-use Internet access to the world's first, high-resolution global renewable energy resource maps. With the click of a mouse, people will be able to cost effectively discover potential renewable energy sites. As no other global resource assessment has been done at this scale, 3TIER's REmapping the World initiative is the first of its kind.

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